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Friday, 12 November 2010

Need For Expats Set to Rise

With ever changing working practices, and emerging economies continuing to be embraced in the business world, the need for more and more expatriate workers will be needed over the next decade. Recent studies have shown that as many as forty percent of international companies will increase their expats.

The emphasis is going to be heavily on the developing marketplace; with China and India set to spearhead the move. Africa is also a hot up and coming market, though Western markets will still need supporting, but on a lesser scale.

The move is more than simply having a headquartered associate on site. With career progression and development enhanced to such a degree with cross border working practices, staff presence in emerging countries will only enhance these ideals.

With most postings lasting between two to five years, the need to seek appropriate expatriate medical insurance is important. Many companies will help arrange this for their staff, but it is still down to the individual to check and be aware of all the details,

Coupled with this, checking that all family members travelling are covered too is important. There are companies to help with this, and with a veritable minefield in many countries, it goes a long way to help to make the process a lot less stressful.

At Expatriate Healthcare, we are experts in the variances of international healthcare, and have policies to suit all demands. Further than this, expat insurance packages can be tailored to suit, to ensure that all needs can be met.

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