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Monday, 10 January 2011

Finding the right balance for a better life for an expat

People head overseas for many reasons, with searching for a better way of life and increased income high on the list. However, recent research has suggested that these are not always achievable at the same time.

In the study that included analysis of economic success, those looking to boost their bank balance would do well to look at Russia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. However, these areas appear outside of the top twenty countries for a heightened quality of life.

Conversely, many of those countries where a high quality of life could be expected scored badly in regards to significant financial gain. Spain and France being notable in this regard, with South Africa fast becoming a leading place to live where incomes do not match levels seen in the past.

There are areas across the world where both dreams can be achieved however. Topping the combined list are Bahrain and the retreat of Bermuda. Canada too delivers well on both counts, as it has done over a number of years.

Wherever the location, arranging the correct expatriate health insurance is important. No matter how much money is earned or quality of life achieved, things can still go wrong. Finding out appropriate coverage is not in place when needed undermines any possible benefits.

At Expatriate Healthcare, we know all about international healthcare. Our team of experts is on hand to help with the trickiest of challenges, no matter the age, size or personal circumstances of the group heading off for life abroad.

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