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Monday, 22 November 2010

Expatriate Jobs Shift to Inexperienced Workers

Over recent years, the number of people taking up positions abroad has seen a significant rise from junior members of staff, whilst many university graduates are also choosing to move abroad of their own accord, and seek employment upon arrival.

This does pose a number of problems however. Expatriates sent overseas by their companies will most likely have their relocation costs and bills and rent covered for them. There may also be a living allowance granted, whilst expatriate medical insurance will also be taken care of.

However, companies are less inclined to do this for workers who have, to all intents and purposes, posted themselves abroad. Mindful of this therefore, it is more likely to be down to the individual to ensure things such as expatriate health insurance are in place.

With many graduates selecting to live and work in locations visited in gap years, costs can be kept down quite reasonably. Whilst much can be achieved abroad in that case, ensuring that international healthcare is in place before travelling is certainly advisable.

Healthcare provision and rules and regulations vary considerably from country to country. Indeed, the different benefits and structure is hard enough to understand through our own NHS; transpose this abroad, and there are further levels of confusion.

At Expatriate Healthcare, we can provide packages to suit travel to almost every location across the world. With a team of experts with local and cultural knowledge, we can also help tailor international healthcare packages to meet any sporting activities or adventures that take place whilst abroad.

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