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Monday, 22 November 2010

Mood Shift for the Expatriate Market

With the economic world ever increasing, and new markets opening up year on year, there is a clear shift in the mood of expatriates. Where once they were very much thought to be second rate postings, the opposite is now true, particularly for younger workers who are perhaps stepping on to the career ladder for the first time.

Alongside the increase of junior staff taking positions abroad, there has also been a shift of emphasis away from the traditional approach. Often, staff would be sourced in the UK for placements overseas, but today, people are more likely to move abroad and find a job with a UK based company upon arrival.

Whilst many companies will still offer costs to staff for relocation and international healthcare, many of the other benefits once enjoyed are not offered. Accordingly, remuneration is higher.

The reliance on staff already located in a host country is serving businesses in greater ways too. It has often been said that cultural differences were not always recognised at headquarters, but this is changing.

With many staff taken up already based in the host country, often as a result of a visit made through a gap year, understanding and communication lines are optimised. With staff having greater language skills too, expats are more of an asset than they ever have been.

A move abroad should always be carefully considered, whilst it also necessitates a lot of arranging of personal details. Expat health insurance is one area where this is certainly true, and at Expatriate Healthcare we are experts in taking the hassle and stress out of the expat insurance process.

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