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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Decision to relocate abroad 'should be backed with aims'

British people who are considering relocating abroad to take up an expatriate lifestyle should ensure that their reasons for doing so are "legitimate, sustainable, realistic and achievable", according to Shelter Offshore.

Rhiannon Davies, director of the organisation which advises expat health insurance customers and others about overseas living, pointed out that "the grass isn't always greener".

However, "there is very little, other than poverty, keeping [British individuals] in the UK anymore", she claimed.

"Furthermore, as jobs are cut, unemployment increases, taxes rise, tuition fees rise for students, public spending cuts really begin to bite and the effect of underfunding is realised in the infrastructure of this country and in the likes of the NHS and the education system, I honestly believe this will push up the numbers of those wanting to escape even further."

Ms Davies comments come in light of ...

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